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Dell EMC Lab for Rent

EMC Avamar Management (AVAM635)
EMC Avamar Integration and Performance Management (MR-1CP-AVAIPM)

Backup and Recovery - NetWorker
NetWorker Integration Workshop (MR-1CN-NWIW)
NetWorker Implementation and Management (MR-1CP-NWIM)

Cloud Architecture
Cloud Services Planning and Design (MR-1CP-ETCSPD)
Cloud Infrastructure Planning and Design (MR-1CP-ETCIPD)
Cloud Infrastructure and Services (MR-1CP-CISV2)
Establishing Service Management for ITaaS (MR-1CN-NISMITAS)

Data Domain
Data Domain System Administration (DDSADMIN)
Data Science and Big Data Analytics (MR-1CP-DSBDA)
Data Protection Advisor Custom Reporting (DPACRPT)
Data Protection Advisor Implementation and Management (EBAIM)

ECS Monitoring and Management (ECSMGTMON)

EMC Foundations
Information Storage and Management Version 3 (MR-1CP-ISMV3)
Cloud Infrastructure and Services (MR-1CP-CISV2)

IT as a Service
Establishing Service Management for ITaaS (MR-1CN-NISMITAS)

Isilon Administration and Management (MR-1CP-ISIAM)
Isilon Advanced Administration (MR-1CN-ISIAA)
Isilon Administration for NetApp Admins (ISILONADMNAADMIN)

EMC RecoverPoint Management (MR-9CN-NSRPOM)

Storage Area Network(SAN)
Host to Storage SAN Implementation (MR-1CP-NSH2SIC)
Advanced SAN Implementation (MR-1CP-NSMPIMP)
SAN Management (MR-1CP-SANMGMT)
Dell EMC Unity Implementation and Administration (UNIDD)
ScaleIO and Ready Node Implementation and Management (SCLIOIM2)

Symmetrix Solutions
Symmetrix VMAX Configuration Management (MR-1CP-SYMCFG)
Symmetrix VMAX Performance Workshop (MR-1CP-SPERET)

VCE Vblock Systems Advanced Administration and Management; Performance and Troubleshooting (VCE-1LP-VCEVBAMADV)
VxBlock Administration and Management (EMCVBAM)
VxRail Appliance Administration (VXRAILAM)

ViPR Implementation and Management (MR-1CN-VIPRIM)
ViPR SRM Advanced Reporting (MR-1CN-SRMREP)
ViPR SRM 4 Implementation and Management (SRM4IM)

VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Configuration Management (MR-1CP-VMAXCM)
VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Business Continuity Management (MR-1CP-VMAXBCM)
VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Performance Workshop (VMAXAF3PW)

VNX Unified Storage Management (MR-1CP-VNXUNIDM)
VNX Unified Storage Performance Workshop (MR-1CP-VNXP)
VNX Block Storage Performance Workshop (MR-1CN-VNXBP)


Optimizing Storage Services for Applications with XtremIO (MR-1CP-XIO4APPS)


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